Today's systems are an interconnected mesh servicing business functions


Applications are lean, specific and caters a particular business domain

Loosely coupled

Applications are integrated through queues or event bus for loose coupling


Transactions are distributed and a single transaction involves multiple systems

Eventually consistent

The end to end flow happens in stages and expected to be eventually consistent


Complex orchestration of business processes to manage the life cycle of the entity


Applications manage their own domain data but some information is duplicated across multiple systems

  • Healthy systems
  • Cost optimization
  • Productivity improvements
  • Risk mitigation
  • Data consistency across different systems
  • Data issues are identified early
  • Improves trust and confidence in your systems
  • Implement application, product changes confidently
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership of the systems
  • Better returns from support and vendor contracts
  • Reduce overhead of your business, finance and operations team
  • Leaner business and operations teams
  • Reduce noise and create actionable insights for various data issues
  • Faster, focused and thorough reconciliation of your systems
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Optimize the workload of the IT, vendor and other support functions
  • Proactive monitoring and actioning
  • Implement effective data controls
  • Reduce user mistakes and system errors
  • Maintain clear history of issues and corrections

Rekonist provides comprehensive toolkit for every reconciliation needs

Entry reconciliation

Reconcile within and across datasets

Variance analysis

Baseline, upper and lower limit validation

Value validation

Data validation against custom business rules

Data audits

Maintain clear history of data inconsistencies

Manual matching

Leverage manual matching in reconciliation workflow

Easy integration

Upload apis, CSV file uploads and database adapters


Excel like functions. Bring your own functions for custom reconciliation requirements

Text search algorithm

Text search for complex reconciliation matching

User collaboration

Automatic tasks creation and complete workflow


Alerts and notifications for real time monitoring

Implement reconciliation use cases in a cost effective way using Rekonist

Zero changes to core systems

Implement reconciliation with no changes to core

Customizable CSV upload adapters to ingest any file

Database adapters to connect to any application DB

Auto generated apis to develop any custom adapters

Zero application infrastructure costs

Open source technology stack end to end

Node.js application server

Postgres database

React for UI

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Sandbox / Trial

Your own test environment to try the awesome features


  • 3 months no frills attached usage
  • No payment / credit card needed
  • All features included
  • Restricted but generous data upload
  • Complete functional assistance in configuring reconciliation use cases


Take full control. Your servers - We manage


  • All fetures included
  • Application managed end to end
  • New feature releases at no extra cost
  • Complete functional assistance in configuring reconciliation use cases


No headache pay as you go model


  • Total ownership
  • Pay per user
  • All fetures included
  • New feature releases at no extra cost
  • Complete functional assistance in configuring reconciliation use cases

Rekonist - The simple, powerful and comprehensive way to improve data quality

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